Have you ever been awoken by a shiver? It startles your body and you gasp for air as you open your eyes. It’s such a weird feeling…for what at exact moment decided to wake your body so suddenly. At first you are in a daze, but within seconds you are wide awake.

I have always said that everything happens for a reason…and I believe that when things like that happen – it is because someone, somewhere in the world is thinking of us at that exact moment and they send a vibe out into the world and every so often those vibes connect with us and reach us. The mind and heart are a powerful thing.

So when you wake up in a panic and can’t get back to sleep…see it as someone out there loves you, is thinking about you..regardless of what happens from here on out – for that moment your body and the universe were perfectly aligned. Know your thoughts of goodness and positivity have the power to reach someone else.

Believe in that. When all hope is lost…please believe in that.

You are who you are,

Brilliantly Found (and awake)