So it’s been well over a month since I last blogged here. Sorry to those of you who actually read this blog – which is maybe one or two of you – I doubt I was missed much.

I took a bit of a break..kind of like the TV shows do. Right when things start getting interesting and heating up and the drama begins the unfold…the shows go on hiatus and come back much later after a much awaited explanation for what happened last episode. This is similar to my life the past month or so. I guess I didn’t write because it’s hard to put into words. How do you explain changing from the inside out? How does one put into words something dying inside you and being reborn all at the same time. I haven’t yet figured it out for myself, but when I do – if that ever happens – I will let you all know.


I will leave you with the following thought which I had when I was driving today. Driving is when I do some of my best thinking, it allows me to analyze my life from a distant perspective almost. And this is what I realized today:


Everyone has their reasons for doing anything in life. At some point we have programmed our brains to believe that we’re so damn entitled to know what those reasons are. That’s just it – we are not privileged. We are not special. We’re just people. We have our demons. We have our problems. We carry out actions – all for certain reasons. Sometimes we don’t even understand what those reasons are at the time – so why in the hell would someone else truly think that we are obligated to explain our reasoning to them? Moral of the story? Keep your own damn reasons and I’ll keep mine.