The Slight Heart Crack

You know, I would never admit it out loud. I cover it up as if it were nothing, as if it meant nothing to me at all. Truth is? It did. My heart is cracked, not broken..not even close. But yes, I will admit that it is cracked.

I opened up to you and you trusted back. We made a connection, there’s no denying that fact. Where did it go wrong? That I cannot tell you, because honestly I don’t know.

You wanted to be chased, I refused to be vulnerable. So we both got stuck and let it fizzle. At least that’s what I told my friends. It hasn’t fizzled for me. I still have to catch my breath every time you look my way. A thousand images of words exchanged seep into my mind so vividly.

When you held me it felt right. It was easy. Then the curtains closed and as I drove away I knew I would be changed. I knew things had to change. They didn’t end the way I wanted them to and for that, I am disappointed. I was hopeful. Now I am left to wonder what could have been. It really sounds silly. But I just want the best for you, unfortunately I still believe that would be me – and I think one of these days you will realize that too and by then, this summer hidden romance we had created will be long gone and nothing more than a hazy memory looming over a scarlet sunset. A beautiful picture, a wonderful memory, and in the past.


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